Thursday, 12 April 2007

Infectious Mononucleosis

Could you tell me more about Infectious Mononucleosis (“Mono”)? My 9 year-old daughter contracted Mono last year. She was sick and tired for a good 6 weeks and finally seemed to return to normal about 3 months after diagnosis. Since then she has been sick a lot! She is constantly getting viruses and then secondary infections from them. She also seems to gets rundown more easily than previously. Before the Mono she hardly ever got sick. She is generally a very healthy child with no other medical problems. Some doctors say that once the mono has gone, it is gone. But I have heard that once you have Mono, you always have Mono and relapses are likely, especially when someone does not get enough rest. Could you please tell me your opinion? I am curious if the Mono is playing the part in her getting more sick more often, and staying sick longer.

In the vast majority of cases once the virus that causes Mono has been eliminated, it does not come back. A period of fatigue after Mono is well known and usually is noticed more often in older patients – adolescent and adults. At age 9 some months of fatigue would be less common but not unknown.

It is well recognized that a small sub-group of children and adults have a very prolonged period of fatigue, fevers and predisposition to sore throats. This sounds a bit like your daughter. I don’t think that extra rest is necessary. If she feels fatigued let her rest, if she wants to exercise let her even if she feels very fatigued afterwards. The reason for some boys having this persistent problem is an impaired ability to fight infections but as your 9 year-old is s girl and previously well that is very unlikely. Medical science does not find a cause in most cases with the prolonged illness.

It would be worth having a blood test (Full Blood Examination) done to reassure everyone that the cells that fight infection are there in the right numbers and are healthy. Otherwise I would give her 12 months to recover. If she does not then more extensive evaluation by a paediatrician would be warranted.


Anonymous said...

im 15 and i currently have Mononucleosis. i have been sick for about 2 weeks now. i first woke up with an extremely sore throat so badly i couldn't even swallow my own spit. the sore throat continued for about a week and then my spleen slightly enlarged and i could feel pressure on my stomach. my neck was so sore and my whole upper body ached. now i just feel tired and weak all the time

i hope my experience helps in a way

Sherri said...

my son, who is 18, caught acute mono over 5 months ago. He had a severe case and was unable to attend the last 3 months of school and was one of the worst cases his doctor has seen.
The severe part of his mono has gone away, but since then he still struggles daily. He still has little or no appetite, strength, and seems to be constantly not feeling well. We've taken him in to get bloodwork and the results have all come back 'normal'.
My question is: Is this commons? If not, what should we do?

Kelly said...

My son is 7 and was diagnosed today with mono. His only symptom was complaints about an extremely sore neck on one side. No fever or fatigue. We were all very surprised at the young age with the diagnosis.

David Robinson said...

Dear Kelly,
Above 6 it becomes possible to diagnose Mono especially if blood tests support the diagnosis.
Children under 6 do catch Mono but it is usually so mild that it is just thought to be another viral upper respiratory infection. Also there is a need for highly sophisticated tests to get proof of Mono. There is no concern that a child as young as 7 should develop this disease.
I aplogise that it took 2 weeks for me to answer but the flag that someone had written has only just come up. I have had some computer problems but only for 3 days. If you want any more information please let me know.
David Robinson

Anonymous said...


My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed last night with mono in the ER she was also suffering from a UTI and dehydration from the heat in Texas. The doctor said she took blood and it said positive for mono. The ER gave the some IV and I see her running around and being active as she usually has in the past. She did not complain about soar throat or anything else she just complained about the headaches. Can she relapse? Is it true it will be in her body for the rest of her life? Meaning she can never Marry in Fear of getting someone sick?

Please Help I am in Tears for her...

Tiffany said...

I have a question my son who just turned 7 years old has been falling asleep at school i picked him up today from school and he was sleeping in the Principles offer for an hour an a half took him home which was 330 and its now 730 and hes still sleeping could he have Mono. hmm im not to sure how to come back on here so can u please email me
thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm 20 years old and just finished up my freshman year of college. During college I came home every weekend to stay with my parents and my sister and her almost 7 month old baby boy. I had Mono my sophomore year of high school when I was 17 and now one of my close friends and sorority sisters has it and we drank after each other 4 days ago. I've been holding and kissing my sisters 7 month old baby constantly ever since I came home for the summer 3 days ago and he is know longer being breast feed. What is his risk of getting mono?

Sarah Jenkins said...

Hi my 7- year- old went to the doc with fever severe headaches and she had strep. He said her lymphnode is really swollen and just said he would keep a eye on it. Well its been 4 days and she still is sick not eating and her lymphnode is huge! Do u think it could be mono? Thanks

Anonymous said...

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